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Research with our Materials

Working with our Material

We work closely with the Swiss Social Archives in Zurich to ensure that the archival material collected is as easy and uncomplicated to use as possible. Our collections are housed there and are accessible to everyone. The archive is responsible for the proper cataloguing and storage of the material. The close co-operation also has the advantage that connections and links with other social movements become visible.

In 2009, the "Heinrich Hössli Foundation for Homosexuality in Culture and History" was founded. The collected documents have been and will continue to be transferred to it. This makes sure that the collection will be preserved for the future.


We welcome research projects and publications that explore and visualise gay history in Switzerland. Whenever possible, we are happy to support your project with our material.

Due to the nature of the subject matter and in order to protect living persons, certain archiving and personal rights deadlines must be observed. These are based on the Archives Act of the Canton of Zurich, whereby a protection period of 30 years from the creation of a document or record applies to (unpublished) archive records. An extended period of 50 years applies to our archives for documents containing personal data that is particularly sensitive. Individual arrangements have been made with individual submitting organisations.

Wherever possible, we strive to declare known protection periods in the finding aid of the Swiss Social Archives. This is currently being revised. An extended current version of the inventory is available as a PDF.

In addition, the current copyright law applies to published objects.

Using Digitised Material

Digital copies of various documents are available on the Swiss Social Archives' platform Bild+Ton and E-Periodica.

The terms of use of the Swiss Social Archives apply to digitised material on Bild+Ton. We welcome any work with and use of our collections. We would be pleased to receive a reference and information about the use for documentation purposes.

For digitised material on E-Periodica, the terms of use of the platform apply. Here, too, we welcome any subsequent use and are happy to grant permission to use the digitised material on request.

Do you have any questions about our inventory? Do you have a research concern and would be happy about our support?

We will be happy to help you.

Thank you very much for your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Useful Information

We are happy to support your research project with information on further literature as well as helpful organisations and portals. We also keep a list of possible research topics. Is something missing? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

Further literature and sources on the topic can be found under the following links:

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